Red Wine from Warwickshire! ( Yes, you read that right ) Bearley Vineyard , ‘Bards Red’

Light red, perfect for summer time drinking!

As a Warwickshire lad, born ( and ‘dragged up’ as my Mum would say ) in Rugby I never thought I’d be writing this. However, after enjoying a bottle of Bearley Vineyard ‘Bards Red’ the other night, I can now confidently say, yes, there is Red wine that comes from Warwickshire. What’s more, it’s also rather good!

With it’s short summer, and generally damp climate, growing grapes is really quite a challenge in good old Blighty. But at Bearley Vineyard , which is not far from Stratford Upon Avon, they are doing a Stirling job of growing Pinot Noir Precoce. This is an earlier ripening mutation of Pinot Noir with Precoce actually being a ‘descriptive nomination’ that stands for ‘early’. To maximise exposure to that brief bit of sun we get ( you know, that warm fortnight in June ) the vines are carefully trellised.

Pressed and vinified at Three Choirs winery in Gloucester, Bearleys wines, which also include white and sparkling have won numerous domestic wine awards. They produce enough fruit to make between 5,000 and 10,000 bottles of wine per year.

As for ‘Bards Red’ this really does what it says on the tin. It is a very light , refreshing red wine with dominant fruit flavours of Cherry and Raspberry with a touch of spice. It’s straightforward and uncomplicated vinous enjoyment and, even slightly chilled, would make perfect summer drinking whilst enjoying a warm afternoon in the garden.

Whilst light reds are not usually my thing I think this is good for its style. The added patriotic dimension adding to the feel good factor. 8/10 and would buy again.

Check out the website for stockists or drop in and grab a bottle if you are passing my way.

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